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    Content Writing Course in Live Virtual Online Session

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    星期日 星期-上午12:00
    八月, 2020
    八月 30 星期-上午12:00
    Live Virtual Classroom,  ?
    Scip Road, 201309, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


    Henry Harvin 教育公司推出了 32 小时的在线培训和认证课程,内容写作创建专业内容作者、营销人员和战略家。熟练创建 30 多种内容类型,成为认证数字内容编写者 (CDCW 专业人员)关于课程的制定/模式/证书 - 4 天/32 小时在线培训和认证创建称职的作家和战略家 - 认证数字内容编写者 (CDCW) 课程。因此,考虑所有主题,包括最新的最佳实践以及行业的传统技术(印度最全面的内容写作课程)培训师 - 由在不同领域和行业内容写作、营销和战略方面拥有丰富经验的高级行业专业人士提供。These practitioners are also empanelled as Domain Experts with Henry Harvin® EducationEmployment Support- Get 100% Support on Placement, Internship, Freelance Project SupportCurriculumLanguage Specifications (9 Sub-Modules)Digital Aspects (14 Sub-Modules)Content Types and Formats (17 Sub-Modules)Academic Content Types (8 Sub-Modules)Communication and Content Strategy (8 Sub-Modules)Taking Content to Work (8 Sub-Modules)Takeaways Distinguish your profile with the global credential of 'Certified Digital Content Writer' and showcase yourself as a certified content writer by using the hallmark of CDCW next to your name For Ex: Ms.Ria (CDCW)Experience of professional content writing with industry tools, techniques, case studies, delivery methodologies, practical models, strategies, examples, session activities, experience sharing, videos, PPT's and industry best practiceSkill to translate thoughts into words that not only attract views but also monetary benefits on digital mediaAdd-On Supplements provided to effectively deliver projects (Logo Software, 电子书, 提问软件、CW指南/工作簿、移动应用程序等)获得100%的安置、实习和项目支持支持,专为CDCW专业人士提供。时间表、费用和地点日期:2020年8月30日:所有周日批次时间:上午10时至下午6时 地点:实时虚拟教室(在线)新德里生活:12500/-最后日期:首次提供第一服务的座位。仅前 20 个注册!了解有关详细信息的详细信息:点击这里:http://bit.ly/2Hoi4TF