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12 Inc

12 Inc

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«12 Inc»

Monday Mo-7:30pm
Apr, 2020
Apr 13 Mo-7:30pm
7:30 PM
Ellis Bridge, 380006, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


The makers of ‘What’s up with Indian men?’, ‘Cops, tints and other things’, ‘Love, sex and mocha’, 'Finding Nemo's Libido',;Sex ke side effects' & 'Need for weed present "12 Inches".12 inches is a satire on the objectification of men. For centuries it has been believed that only women are objects of desire and the physical qualities of women depicts where they stand in society. But this play is going to debunk that myth. 12 inches portrays how Siddhart is victimized all because of his 12 inches and how this 12 inches affects relationships around him and how instead of being a blessing, it turns out to be a curse.