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Certified NLP Practitioner Chennai 4 Days Workshop May 2020

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Chennai, India
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«Certified NLP Practitioner Chennai 4 Days Workshop May 2020»

Friday Fr - 12:00am
May, 2020
May 1 Fr - 12:00am
12:00 AM
Fort ST. George, 600009, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Certified NLP Practitioner Workshop CHENNAIInternationally recognized NFNLP CertificationNLP is the abbreviation for Neuro_Linguistic ProgramNLP works with your whole mind and brings the best of your mind powerNLP is well appreciated by business leaders, sports professionals and exceptionally talented outstanding achieversWould you like to join the millions of excellent professionals who keep out beating their own performance year after year?Enroll for 4 day NLP course. 1st,2nd,3rd and 10th May 2020What benefit you will get?Become more aware of yourself – your strengths, how you think, your personal styles and abilitiesVisualize and achieve your personal goals and team goals fasterCommunicate and present your ideas more confidently and powerfullyCreate more impact in each interactionUnderstand and manage all your relationships more effectivelyLead a team in a more aligned w ayLearn how to manage stress effectivelyEnhance your ability to influence peopleDevelop a strong, positive attitude and feel more in controlDiscover the power to make significant changes in your lifeWhat will you learn?MindfulnessGet to know the truth behind reality.Learning to operate your thinkingCreating new ‘neural pathways’Anchoring for peak performanceCircle of Excellence to create your zone of excellenceV A K Parts integration – to manage inner conflictV A K Pattern break – to instantly snap out of negativesEye Accessing Cue – to read others mindRapport building – develop instant rapport even with strangersPerceptual position – for negotiation and conflict managementMeta-program – to know others motivational directionReframing - to convert difficulty as opportunityWell-formed outcome - a goal getting model of NLPPrecision questions- to seek more information during coaching conversationInternationally Recognized Certification:Attend 4 days and get certified as NLP Practitioner conforming to the guidelines from NFNLP, USAFee: Rs 25000/-Train with the MasterV Ranganathan is a NLP specialist and Professionally Certified Coach from International Coach Federation in Lexington, Kentucky, United StatesV Ranganthan has a vast experience in training coaching more than 2000 professionals across industries