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Free Talks @ Kunzum: Purpose of Life

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«Free Talks @ Kunzum: Purpose of Life»

Monday Mo-5:00pm
Apr, 2020
Apr 13 Mo-5:00pm
5:00 PM
Hauz Khas Marg, 110016, Delhi, Delhi, India


Free Talks at Kunzum Travel Cafe: A Guide to an Inner Journey towards the exploration and discovery of yourself. The Purpose of Life: Come join us as we take a journey inwards to discover the true purpose of our lives. Find the ways, amidst our modern lives, to give a superior meaning to our every day existence and walk the path that leads us to our own personal and spiritual development. Entry Free: Hope to See you There..! For More Info: Association of Geophilosophical Education of Anthropology and Culture Tel: +91.9717 858589 Email: Web: Kunzum Travel Café T-49 (GF) Hauz Khas Village New Delhi 110016, India Tel: +91.9650702777 Email: Web: