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Kids Club 2013-2014 (Yearly Membership)

Kids Club 2013-2014 (Yearly Membership)

Mumbai, MMIndia
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«Kids Club 2013-2014 (Yearly Membership)»

Thursday Th-11:30am
Dec, 2020
Dec 3 Th-11:30am
11:30 AM
Red Cross Street, 15, 400008, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Tickets from €6200


Kids Club 2013-2014 (Yearly Membership) We at Kshitij firmly believe in alternative education and learning. Kids today need to be exposed to outside world. They should be given a chance to explore, experience and express. To get out & do something new To understand and bond with nature To meet new people and make friends To learn new skills To learn to be independent To learn leadership and taking responsibility To develop civic mindedness To develop sharing & communication skills WHAT WE OFFER 9 Programs in a Year Art & environment based various programs. Special offers for other programs being organized by Kshitij i.e. camps, treks, workshops Pick up points close to your area Flexible Membership Maximum 50 children in a CLUB Maximum no of programs includes food & transportation Events One Day Outing Monsoon Trek Day at Organic Farm Children Play & Workshop Nature Trail & Adventure at National Park Nature Festival & Workshops Finale Optional Events Winter Trek (Overnight) Flight Simulator Experience Contact : 9322181849, 9833313108