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Linux Training in Electronic city Bangalore

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eMexo Technologies
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«Linux Training in Electronic city Bangalore»

Monday Mo - 08:30am
April, 2020
Apr 13 Mo - 08:30am
08:30 AM
3rd Cross Road, 214, 560100, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


What is Linux? Best Linux Training Institute in Electronic City - eMexo Technologies Linux is the most popular operating system in UNIX world. However, Linux do not denotes just a single operating system (OS) but a group of operating systems that are built around Linux Kernel such as Red Hat Linux, Debian and Ubuntu. Linux kernel which was released on 1991 by Linus Torvalds is the first Linux OS. And it gave rise to all other Linux OS. Similar to UNIX, Linux is also open source and can be used and modified by anyone. Linux was originally developed for personal computers but it was adapted to all types of computers especially Supercomputers. Almost all the supercomputers use Linux OS alone as it is the only efficient OS to handle huge workload in supercomputers. Linux is also used in space flight computers for its fault-tolerant capability, high-end graphical design systems like servers at film production for its high quality output and research laboratories around the world. Even our smartphones’ OS (Android) are based on Linux-kernel. Linux also runs on embedded systems such as Televisions, network routers, facility automation controls, video game consoles and smart watches. Due to this universal presence, Linux has the largest installed base of general purpose operating systems. Why to enrol in Linux training at eMexo technologies, Bangalore? At eMexo technologies, you can find the perfect combination of all-inclusive syllabus, well experienced trainers, quality study materials and state-of-art infrastructure. Our syllabus is carefully designed to provide you all the knowledge and skills need to work in any Linux environment. We specially included the Red Hat Certification course contents to help our students get Red Hat Certification along with this course completion. Our trainers are experts in their domain and have vast experience in Linux. We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure where all the versions of Linux were installed to help our students learn and practice all the Linux OS. Our study materials are meticulously prepared for easier understanding. For Linux training, we also provide guidance and coaching to get Red Hat Linux Certificate. We also have 100% placement record in all the previous batched which will express the quality and reputation of our training.