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Webinar on Rise of Virtual Retail

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Delhi, Delhi, India
New Delhi
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«Webinar on Rise of Virtual Retail»

Friday Fr - 02:00pm
June, 2020
Jun 26 Fr - 02:00pm
02:00 PM
Indira Chowk, 110001, New Delhi, Delhi, India


Being able to see a product in person & seeking guidance from instore sales personnel to make purchase decisions has always given store shopping a preference over e-commerce. With the ongoing (& necessary) practices of social-distancing and other safety guidelines, customers have become wary of thronging the stores. However, the need for a personalized purchase guidance remains. Thanks to the ease of adoption & huge penetration of tech platforms (a whooping 700mn people connect virtually with each other every day via WhatsApp, VC, etc.) that enable a ‘virtual’ connect without physical interaction there certainly are opportunities to leverage techfor adapting to the changed customer preferences. Capitalizing on this seemingly daunting (but brimming with possibilities) situation impacting store footfalls, retailers are now exploring New customer connect avenues to mimic in-store experience – without physical interaction. Join us for an engaging webinar on 26th June, Friday at 2 PM-3 PM where I, Ritu Rastogi,Global Head, Business Development, Denave will take you through one of the biggest shifts in the traditional retail sector – Rise of Virtual Retail and delve deeper into the brand new retail fabric interwoven with modern technology. Broad areas which will be covered during the Webinar: • Evolving retail scenario – challenges or masked opportunities • Rise of alternate retail model that mimic traditional store experience • Transformation of In-Store Promoters into Virtual Brand Consultants • Integrated virtual retail solutions combining the best of technology and retail operations expertise (And much more) Click to register for an interesting session on the modern avatar of ‘traditional retail’. REGISTER NOW at